Il y a une année - Par Simon Miniature Sculptor

    Hi Guys! a little word to tell you that the kickstarter Conan start! i sculpt several miniature for this project, and through this project i met ADRIAN SMITH,an idol for me, the illustrator of the game so i 'm really proud of this boardgame!
    The kickstarter
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    Part of the team:
    From left to right, we have:Me! Stephane Simon , Frederic Henry , Adrian Smith , Jamie Parsons , Patrice Louinet , Leonidas Vesperini Loig Hascoët , Georges Cl4renko , Stéphane Nguyen , Adnane Badi , and Jeremy Pingert. And in the background, the scene of the shooting: the Tric Trac offices!
    I comeback...
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